Baby Mistle Thrush chick rescued and safely reunited with its mother

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Baby Mistle Thrush - 23rd April 2015 So in yesterday's post I introduced you to the baby blackbirds which have fledged in my garden. Today, it's time to say welcome to another new arrival, although it has had a somewhat precarious start to its new life here in Cake Street. 

Look closely at this photo (right - click to see bigger version). Spot the baby Mistle Thrush? If you haven't seen it yet - it's smack bang in the middle of the picture! When Luke (who's doing some gardening work for me) called me out to come see the fledgling, I didn't see it at first either, but I was slightly further away than you are looking at this image. It just merged right in with the shingle, sitting by the main gate, totally oblivious to anything.

Baby Mistle Thrush - 23rd April 2015 Had Luke not spotted it before opening the gate I dread to think what fate the poor creature may have suffered.

Luckily eagle-eyed Luke did see it. We hoped that with us inching closer to it slowly it would scurry off to the side and under the hedge, where it could access the lovely gardens next door (yes the one with the beautiful pond and ducks and yadda yadda yadda - I do love my neighbours despite my garden envy). The baby thrush had no intention of moving however. It just sat there. We checked it was OK of course - it was. It was just refusing to be intimidated.

Baby Mistle Thrush - 23rd April 2015

So, me being me, I took advantage of being that little bit closer to the tiny baby and took a couple more photos, as you can see.

However, with the gate being in regular use, eventually I knew this adorable little baby Mistle Thrush just had to be moved to a safer spot if it wasn't going to move by itself.

Luke confidently volunteered for the job ... this is what happened as he approached: Baby Mistle Thrush - 23rd April 2015

Yes, the poor little thrush made a futile rush for the gate and at one point almost got tangled up in the wire mesh.

I am very happy to report, however, that Luke did manage to get the little bird, safely placing it out of harms way. It was a rather loud affair though. The baby thrush screamed its little head off which, as you'd expect, resulted in its mother (or father, I can't honestly be sure) come swooping over protectively from out of nowhere with that characteristic loud, harsh rattle sound they make (sounds like one of those wooden football rattles you get). It soon calmed down once it realised its baby was safe and sound.

As for Luke and I, we could get back to work knowing we'd done our good deed for the day. After all, while Mistle Thrushes are fairly common in the UK their numbers have been reported to be down in the last few years by the RSPC and others. So, today, it's wonderful to report their numbers are up by at least one here in Suffolk.

Until next time, have a lovely day x


PS. Check out this video of Mistle Thrush Chicks being fed.

Baby Mistle Thrush - 23rd April 2015

PPS. As I said yesterday, if you love wildlife as much as me then I can highly recommend that you sign up to follow the official BBC Springwatch blog by clicking here. For those bird lovers amongst you who live in or near Suffolk, or who are planning to visit the region soon, don't go without a visit to RSPB Minsmere either (one of my most favourite places and now officially home to the BBC Springwatch team).


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