The Cake Street baby blackbirds have fledged and come to say hello

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Where does the time go? One minute the blackbirds and other birds are busy building a nest. The next, they are busy getting food for their chicks (picture, right) and then, bang, the babies have flown the nest. As I revealed in my previous post, the blackbirds nesting in my garden here in Suffolk became parents a week or so ago.

An exhausting time for them indeed - they were going back and forth non-stop in search of some meaty worms and grubs to feed their very demanding little chicks. It was fascinating watching them. Well, those chirping Cake Street chicks have fledged, as you can see from these latest photos.

With the glorious weather we've been having I have been taking my coffee breaks out in the garden again, which has enabled me to conduct my own Springwatch here in Suffolk quite comfortably. On Monday, 4-5 baby blackbirds (by my best count) decided to investigate my garden and check me out, although never wandering too far from their nest - that happens to be in an ivy-strewn hedge just behind my oil tank which itself has now been expertly redecorated with an assortment of bird-poop white splashes!

But I don't mind, green and white is a good combination I guess - and better there than on my car, which seems to have an irresistible attraction to animalsMoreover, with the blackbird nest being where it is, I could get some lovely photos of these gorgeous fledglings without having to disturb them. 

When I first walked out with my coffee, I was confronted with 4 baby blackbirds all suddenly staring at me - two of them on the oil tank, one on the patio, and one on a flower pot.

Of course, they all scurried back to the safety of the hedge fairly quick.

Having put my coffee on the garden table nearby, I nipped in and grabbed my camera and waited to see if they would be brave enough to come out again any time soon. They did and two of them were keen to introduce themselves.

It's moments like that I truly treasure and it's certainly a fabulous way to spend a coffee breakWith so many other birds and wildlife here in Cake Street I can't wait to meet all the other new residents soon to grace my garden. 

After all, my morning walks with my dog Ozzie already include saying a regular hello to dozens of baby ducks - have to confess I am slightly jealous, as one family have made their home in my neighbour's garden, but then they have a pond and I don't. Pics of those darling ducklings to come soon.

So life in Cake Street is good right now with nature providing a new spectacle to marvel at every day, be it through the wildlife, the gorgeous landscapes now painted vibrant greens and yellow, or the stunning sunsets I am blessed to be able to see from here. Hope you have it as good where you are.

Have a great day everyone x

PS. If you love wildlife as much as me then I can highly recommend that you sign up to follow the official BBC Springwatch blog by clicking here. For those bird lovers amongst you who live in or near Suffolk, or who are planning to visit the region soon, don't go without a visit to RSPB Minsmere either (one of my most favourite places and now officially home to the BBC Springwatch team).


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