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"There is nothing more beautiful in a photo for me than capturing a precious smile or some loving eyes unaware of watchful eyes … I don’t care if my pictures speak a thousand words or just one as long as those words have meaning and speak to the heart, penetrate the soul, and hopefully make someone smile. So welcome to my world!" Gail Shameza Rajgor

Hello! Having abandoned a photography course when I was young in the belief I should “go get a proper job” - resulting in me being a business energy & environment journalist and editor for more than 20 years - I am now also following my passion for photography and creative design through my new company Rage With A Smile Photography (read this blog to get a flavour of my working life right now - crazy but I love it!).

In my photography, I love capturing the natural beauty around me ...

I truly do. Be it in the people I meet at events, the local landscapes, seagulls or other wildlife of my home county Suffolk and neighbouring Norfolk, or the commanding structures and vibrancy of city life in my beloved London (where I was born and lived for many years) or Barcelona, another personal favourite ... I just simply adore my life as a photographer.

And, as can be seen in my Animals & Wildlife gallery, I have a real thing for animals too (dogs, cats, birds, insects – lions, tigers and bears!) and I love photographing horses (check out my Equestrian galleries). In fact, I have just set up the Rage With A Smile Photography Equestrian Club, providing a special service and special offers for my growing list of pony-loving clients.


Anyone who knows me will tell you my style is eclectic in all things. My musical tastes range from rock and pop to country while for films I like your classic love stories and family fun capers as well as the more edge of your seat thrillers. And, I totally love sci-fi.

This mis-match of styles runs through my life
from the knick-knacks I've collected over the years to
an assortment of friends more varied than a box of liquorice allsorts!

What is consistent throughout (I hope) is my sense of fun, a child-like enthusiasm for life and the everyday beauty that surrounds us all if we only care to look. So too, my sense of joy in seeing something magical in the mundane, a never-ending belief in the beauty in us all, and the delight I get from capturing that one telling shot which can set imaginations racing, bring dreams to life, or which can simply make someone take a deep breath and smile.

So if you want a style definition, then for me and Rage With A Smile Photography it’s a natural raw honest style to capture the natural raw honest beauty (and harsh realities) of life combined with a child-like desire to have fun while seeking perfection with every shot. Read more about the Rage With A Smile Photography Experience here or go direct to our pricing and packages information page.

How I see myself?

“Simply a big kid who will NEVER grow old in spirit”

I’d say I’m a hard-working, fun-loving, and totally typical Cancerian. While I have always believed in giving 100% effort in my work (which is easier now I am following my dream), I’m a firm believer in a healthy work-life balance. On the personal front, I can talk politics until the cows come home but just as equally spend an entire evening going mad with some music blasting out, acting like a total idiot to entertain the little folk of this world or, if I’m honest, simply to make myself feel better. Just like changing your hairstyle regularly, it works and everyone should give it a go!

While always the absolute professional in my working life,
I will never lose the childlike innocence and enthusiasm I have for life.

My idea of bliss is wondering around the forests, woods, heaths and beaches of my home county Suffolk, in the UK - usually with my dog Ozzie, pictured above. Or sitting drinking coffee with friends and just watching the world go by for a few minutes or so. Heavenly. Then again, I do love the hustle and bustle of good ole London town, preferably enjoyed while sipping a lovely chilled glass of wine with friends.

Naturally, wherever I am, my camera is always nearby – as someone who has earned a living from crafting words most of my life, it’s ironic that I find it hard to find the words to describe the extent of my passion for photography. Like the deepest love you can have for a person, I share that same depth of love for my craft.

For me it is those candid shots,
those unguarded moments, that I love the most.

There is nothing more beautiful in a photo for me than capturing a precious smile or some loving eyes unaware of watchful eyes … unless its kids (big or small) forgetting their worries and going all out with joy to strike a mad pose for a laugh with me at the other end of the lens seeing them having such fun! I don’t care if my pictures speak a thousand words or just one as long as those words have meaning and speak to the heart, penetrate the soul, and hopefully make someone smile.

And why the name Rage With A Smile?

Simply because I believe everything is better done with a smile on your face (if possible) and “Rage With A Smile” is a phrase I have used throughout my life.

Now, yes, the word “rage” is associated with “intense anger” – like many, I can get angry about many things … poverty, abuse (in all its forms), inequality, discrimination, lack of action on climate change, deforestation, political stupidity and so on. But shouting and screaming and fighting against things violently frankly achieves little and is far too exhausting … I prefer to be somewhat more dignified than that! Better always to rage with a smile instead, by using a select choice of words wisely (or indeed no words at all - nothing unnerves others like silence with a smile) and pictures effectively - undermining the opposition with an unnerving calm and sense of justice which others are more likely to comprehend.

That is how I like to fight my causes
... be it through words, photographs, or both.

Now, for others, the word “rage” means to party hard … and while my days of partying into the night are sadly far behind me, I certainly believe we should all approach life with a much greater sense of fun than many of us do. Afterall, if we don’t enjoy our life to the full then really what is the point?

With Rage with A Smile Photography I hope to share the joy I have for life with others, capture their precious memories and make them smile long into the future, and shine a light on the causes which mean the world to me in the hope that one day I will have made a difference in some small way. So on that note, enjoy my galleries, feel free to make a purchase or two or just contact me to make an enquiry. And remember:

For all your photography needs ... Rage with Rajgor
And in doing so you'll ALWAYS RAGE WITH A SMILE!x